SMART Transportation Solutions ...

Safety & Mobility Applications for Roadway Traffic


TRANSMART Inc. (or TRANSMART) was established in 2015 as an outcome of a collaboration between a governmental agency, a consulting firm and a university research program. The company is a S-type corporation and is registered in the in the United States of America (USA) – state of Virginia. The company’s personnel are engineers, computer scientists and business administrators with a significant level of expertise and training. The employees embrace structural flexibility and adopt high-risk high-potential innovative solution approaches.

TRANSMART’s core vision is to serve societies by leveraging technologies to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. In particular, the company aims at integrating the latest communication and detection technologies to identify and predict traffic problems while disseminating and storing information in a connected transportation infrastructure system.


TRANSMART is a service company that is product oriented. The company provides traffic solutions using technology applications packaged in the form of products while leveraging artificial intelligence, big data analytics, computational efficiency, connectivity, and sensing. Among such solutions, traffic mobility and safety prediction and mitigation systems are considered a key component in TRANSMART’s portfolio. Given the expertise of the TRANSMART Team, the company is able to tackle traffic safety issues using innovative and comprehensive solution approaches. It transforms the latest scientific advancements into software applications and robust infrastructures. In order to realize such mission, TRANSMART Team relies on the following three types of technologies: i) communication technologies; ii) sensing technologies; and iii) computing technologies.


Given the large scale of the solution approaches offered by TRANSMART, the company’s target customers may be:

  1. Individual personnel

  2. Private companies/entities, and/or

  3. Governmental and public agencies.

The company’s team has been already affiliated with projects conducted in South Korea, the Netherlands, and the United States of America (USA). The main advantages offered by TRANSMART are illustrated in three aspects:

  1. The close relationship between the company and lead applied research institutions in Asia, Europe and the USA.

  2. The structural flexibility of the company allowing it to deal with different cyber and physical infrastructure matters that play a major role when devising multi-scale transportation solutions.

  3. The possibility of involving companies/suppliers from different parts of the world given the connection and collaboration established between TRANSMART personnel and the personnel of these companies/suppliers.