TRANSMART has a flexible yet comprehensive organization structure. Its staff varies in size and expertise depending on the projects being handled. The core components of such structure may be found in this section and direct contact may be established through email correspondence.


TRANSMART Inc. has a hybrid organizational structure that allows it to work with both small companies/individual consumers and large corporations/governments. It deals with both the cyber development tasks and the physical construction/maintenance; in other words, the company sees any transportation network and a cyber-physical infrastructure network with the need of a physical infrastructure (i.e. construction) division and a cyber infrastructure division (i.e. information technology). Having such two divisions makes TRANSMART Inc. ready to deal with the design, the construction and the maintenance of the proposed traffic system.

TRANSMART Inc. has one president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The president receives input from an advisory board who consists of scientists/professors, engineers, financial analysts and business administrators. The input is always discussed with a board of directors (four directors) who have the possibility to vote on major decisions to be made by the company. For transparency purposes, TRANSMART Inc. has a Communication Unit that operates two offices: a Governmental Liaison Office who will coordinate the work performed with involved governmental agencies; a Customer Support/Control Centers Office responsible for dealing with personnel on an individual basis.

For added oversight, TRANSMART involves an External Auditor when needed. The auditor makes sure that the tasks/roles defined by the company’s constitution are followed and audits the performance of the TRANSMART personnel on the active projects being performed.

Organization Structure of TRANSMART Inc.

Organization Structure of TRANSMART Inc.

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